WordPress is currently the world’s most popular blogging platform with over 75 million users worldwide. But perhaps a more interesting trend, is the fact that 66% of WordPress publishers are using WordPress to create all kinds of sites beyond blogs – news sites, company sites, magazines, social networks, sports sites, and more. From big names like The New Yorker and CNN, to Harvard and The Rolling Stones and the Dallas Mavericks, users span a broad range. Here are a few reasons why WordPress is a great choice for your business:

WordPress is User Friendly

With an easy to use interface, WordPress lets you manage all your day-to-day website maintenance like updating the content on your site, adding pages, updating menus and organizing the layout.

WordPress is Open-Source

You do not have to pay licensing fees to use it for your business. It is a free software that you can modify and use for all of your sites.

WordPress is Always Evolving

Since WordPress is an open-source software, thousands of volunteers contribute to it’s development, creating cutting edge tools to match the advancement of online technology.

WordPress has Outstanding Plugins

Almost anything you can imagine can be accomplished with WordPress and few plugins. And for the most part, they are very simple to add on to your site reducing programming costs.

WordPress is Search Engine Friendly

The WordPress core has clean, search-engine friendly code that is fully compliant with W3C standards. What’s more, all my WordPress packages include Google Analytics Tracking and the WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast, an industry leader in WordPress optimization. All these features help to maximize your Google Search Ranking.

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